Thursday, September 8, 2005

Lauren at El Matador

This shot was taken at El Matador Beach near Malibu California. We shot on a Tuesday to avoid crowds and gawkers. The original concept was a shipwreck. We had several different looks using netting and seaweed and large pieces of fabric. For this shot were were going to make the fabric into a full dress and make it look like the sail of a ship.
When my stylist Freya was wrapping up Lauren a section go away and started flapping in the winds that were starting to pick up. I loved the way it looked. So Lauren was re-wrapped and so that there was a long section of fabric trailing behind her. We tried a few shots but the wind was becoming difficult and making the fabric twist and bunch, not very flattering. So I had my assistant, James hold onto the fabric and on my signal he was going to let it go. The wind was supposed to pick it up and it would have a very flowy clean feel. I was getting ready to shout the cue (which is when I snapped this shot), and half a second later it happened.
James was really holding on tight because the winds were already strong.  Suddenly a huge gust of wind came up.  The wind was so strong that James started to get pulled then Lauren started to get pulled, then to spin, and then she looked like a roll of toilet paper unrolling. And all of s sudden there was Lauren totally naked on the beach. With a huge white banner flapping in the wind attracting everyone's attention. Freya acting quickly wrapped Lauren a silver reflector.
Lauren was a good sport about the whole thing and we got some really great shots. I'm not sure why Lauren wasn't wearing underwear maybe we were concerned about pantie lines or something. But as much as I like this shot, I like the one I took one second later.