Friday, April 6, 2012

Full Moon Party

 Here are  photos that I took with a Diana camera. A Diana is is a overpriced plastic camera that is really cheap brittle and creates fuzzy images. They have a unique aesthetic however you have to be okay with a lot of failed photos before you get a good one. The images are much looser than my digital shots because; You cant really know what the camera is seeing, there is a viewfinder but it isn't very accurate.  It was film so I took a lot less and I never knew if I got the shot. Every shot was a gamble. I think I got lucky with a few.
To give you a little background on the first few images, they are at the Full Moon Party. Which is a huge party that happens every full moon on Hat Rin beach on Koh Pangan Thailand. 30,000 people descend to the beach for one night of insane drinking music and general craziness. There are six dj booths playing all kinds of music. It is basically a huge international party with party ambassadors from every country.  Did I mention the drinking? The drinks come in bucket form, they have a  bottle of your favorite alcohol a mixer. And to keep you going all night, a thai red bull, which is pretty crazy in itself, it is illegal in the USA.
 The General rule of thumb at the full moon party is that you shouldn't go with anything that you aren't willing to loose. So I only took the Diana camera rather than my digital, just in case. I did lose one roll of film but that was because the Diana Broke when I was winding it and I exposed the whole roll when I opened the back. Somehow I manages to hold onto the camera, even-though I was drinking from a bucket. It did get a little sandy. You will have to forgive my photos if they have a slight tilt to them I was also having a pretty good time too.

This is a image of a girl jumping a fire rope,  and two people in front of a dj booth.

An area of the beach that wasn't so crowded, but I feel this is a good photo that describes what the full moon party is like to experience.

 The bus I took for 8 hours to get to the island ferry port. I was a little nervous to get on because if you read the "I am the wind" post you will understand. But it was okay, a chicken got loose on the bus, but that was the most exciting thing.

The place I stayed on the island called Rainbow Bungalows, it was a really cute place with bungalows right on the beach. A very nice place to recover from a hangover.