Thursday, March 29, 2012

Volunteering at the Thai Child Development Foundation

Whenever I travel I always meet interesting people. In Bangkok I met Maartin, a young Dutch dj who was going to volunteer for a non profit organization called TCDF (Thai Child Development Foundation) for several months. Maartin and I hung out in Bangkok and Ayutthaya, we had fun together but had to go our separate ways, I went north and he went south to volunteer. We had planned on going to the full moon party together so I decide to join him at TCDF and spend a week there helping out doing some good before the debauchery of the Full moon Party.
TCDF Is a really great non-profit. They run a school in very a rural jungle area of Thailand outside of a small town called Pak Song. They help the community by providing a school to the under privileged and developmentally challenged children. How they support themselves is through donations,  a restaurant that they run and from bungalows that they rent to tourists.  They have a lot of volunteers that come for a few days, a few weeks, or even months to help maintain the gardens, property and buildings. If you ever are in Thailand and want to do some good, I would highly recommend them. How I helped out while I was there, was by helping in the garden and taking pictures. I took photos of the Bungalows that they rent, the school and the volunteers and I gave them the photos to use for promotion.

TCDF is constructing these buildings for people to stay in. These buildings are made out of wood and mud and glass bottles they are very eco friendly and really cool.

The food in Thailand is so pretty. This was just a random meal I had to take a picture of it.

Volunteers exploring

Every Thursday night there is live music at the restaurant it was pretty awesome.

Listening to thai regge around a campfire

Maarten and another volunteer playing ping pong

Maarten walking around TCDF

A volunteer getting water for the garden

Fanny Laughing


The restaurant

The school

The mud on his face is a Burmese custom I forget what it is for.

The kids weren't shy the loved having their picture taken this one stole my hat. I think it looks pretty good on him.

Maarten Hanging out

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