Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Korean food

Mandu - Dumplings

Chestnut vendor

Emuk - Fishcake on a stick

Hotduk - Pancake stuffed with brown sugar and nuts

Udon and  Ddukboki - Thick Noodles soup with fishcake and Spicy rice cake with fish cake

Pots for kimchi, soy sauce, bean pastes chili paste

The standard assault of side dishes that you get when eating at a Korean restaurant

Sangsun Jorim - Spicy fish

Yulmu Mul Kimchi - Young radish watery kimchi

Myulchi Bokeum - Dried anchovies

Dubu - Tofu

Gaji bokeum - Eggplant

Bokeo Tang - Blowfish soup.  The poisonous kind if made wrong. There were about 4-5 little blowfish in there. It tasted fine but the fish I thought was nothing too special.  I lived

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