Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Mexico and the VLA

After we finished shooting the movie in Roswell New Mexico, Alec, Fantina and I traveled around the state. We spent some time time in Albuquerque light painting, then we took a road trip to the VLA (Very Large Array) made famous by the movie Contact. But first we stopped by the world famous Old Bar.

Nezbit Blue, A fellow diner in Roswell NM. He really like the earth bread. 
Light-painting Alec in Albuquerque.
Owl Bar 77 US Highway 380 San Antonio NM Known for their Green Chilli Cheese Burgers.
 Very Large Array  (not a very original name)

We look like refugees
To give you a idea of how big these are, at the bottom of the photo is a fence that is about 8 feet high.

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