Monday, July 25, 2011


When my friend Alec asked me if I wanted to come shoot his movie at the Roswell Film Shootout I didn't even hesitate to say yes. We spent the craziest week producing and wrangling talent with his co director Fantina Becker, I think we got a bout one hour of sleep the entire time we were there. How the shootout works is you have 3 days for shooting 3 days for editing and on the 7th day you submit it for judging and you screen it for the festival. With the help of an amazing crew we made a movie called "Interrogation" starring Dominic Batista, Luce Rains, Bill Sterchi, and Monique Candelaria. The movie ended up winning the Best Director, Best Art Direction, and the Monsters of Filmland Achievement Award.  During the shooting I had to shoot a lot of photo inserts for the movie. They only got about 3 seconds of screen time but I really like the way they turned out.

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